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Timber Pointe Senior Living

Timber Pointe Senior Living

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About Us

Timber Pointe Senior Living is located in Springfield, Oregon, a historical community surrounded by stunning natural environments, like the green spaces and spectacular views from Mt. Pisgah and the mature forest and 12-acre rhododendron garden at Hendrick’s Park. Boutique shopping and restaurants and cafes dot our downtown Springfield Main Street, where culture enriches our community with the Richard E. Wildish Community Theater and Springfield Public Library.

Timber Pointe Senior Living offers Independent and Assisted Living community amenities that enhance the homelike environment while encouraging the social interaction of community living. We also encourage social and family connections and the changing environment in which those are maintained—which is why we are proud to offer amenities such as free wireless internet access and senior programming that allows elders to stay connected and visit the world from home.


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Scott Hanson
Community Relations Director
  • Phone: (541) 284-2865

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